iOS native app sneak peek

The new iOS app will mirror the work flow that is in our new release of our web app.  You will be able to see your schedule as a tech, start jobs, log time entries, new job charges, upload photos, log a note, payment etc.  Here is a screen shot of the job list.


Once you click through to a job this is what you will see.


We will have a demonstration of the iOS native app during our live webinars in April which you can register for by clicking here.

Sneak Peek: New Web Application Release

We are getting closer to our release and I wanted to share some screenshots of the new web interface. Our major goals in this release are to create a way that users can easily move their jobs from opportunities through to invoices. We have also added a handful of other features (as well as our new mobile app) that I will introduce in an upcoming post.

Now, on to the screenshots.

Our new account home page.
You will notice that we have also changed the header. You will be able to add your logo and adjust the color of the header to match. home

Our opportunities focus on getting the sale closed and moved into a job. We have also added statuses to help manage your estimate process.


We have modified our jobs page with many new additions. The page focuses on helping you get your jobs completed easily and has new statuses that will help you determine what jobs need attention.





Our invoices now focus on Charges and Payments. They also have statuses that will help move them along and help you get paid faster.



Finding and Viewing Contacts
We have a clean new design for our contacts page, and viewing contacts as well.



Our Reports page are now organized and easy to use.


Feature Pipeline

Over the last year, we have ingested a great deal of welcome feedback and knowledge from our user community. As a result, in the coming months, we will be launching a series of major updates to Kickserv. The updates will include our iOS 7.0 app release, a new design for our web interface, and many exciting new user experience improvements.

In an effort to keep our community informed about how this will improve their experience using Kickserv, we will be releasing details over the next few weeks explaining our modifications. Please look for the first feature pipeline update next Monday, where we will give you a sneak peek of some parts of our new web layout.

Customers can now pay online

We are thrilled to launch our online payment processing feature today.  We chose a progressive and simple gateway and merchant all in one, Stripe.   It is an extremely simple process to set up and start accepting payments within minutes of starting.  No set up fees, just start accepting payments online once your account is created and get paid in as little as 4 days. Their pricing is simple and can be found here.  We have a short video that goes over the simple set up process so you can get started today.  You can accept payments in our older legacy ServiceSidekick product and our new Kickserv Interface.  You will need to set it up while in our new interface but can switch back afterwards.  Here is what the Stripe Dashboard looks like.

Screenshot 10:8:13 4:43 PM